The bathroom is one of the most dangerous rooms in your home.  Many parents choose to block this room off except for bath and potty training time.  Your child can drown in just an inch of water, so it is important to supervise your toddler at all times in this room.  Here are some tips to get you started: 

Pay special attention to decorative items.  Pretty towels, decorative soaps, etc. are all fair game for your toddler.  Even if they may not be tall enough now, they will be before you know it.  Remove all items that could end up in your toddler’s mouth. 

Toilet paper.  Kiddos love to play with toilet paper.  Turn your back for one second and the entire roll will be on the floor, and you will have quite a mess.  Your child can then easily begin to eat the paper with disastrous results.  Remove the toilet paper from the roll all together and keep it up high until your child is old enough to leave it alone or purchase a TP saver prevents the roll from unwinding.

Cabinets.  Cabinet locks/latches are a must for all drawers and doors in the bathroom.  Move all medication and cleaning supplies to a higher shelf, and make sure they are under lock and key.  When buying cabinet locks, look for one that will last for a few years.  If you store cleaning chemicals in your bathroom you should be sure to use a magnetic tot lock as this is the highest degree of safety.   Preferably you should keep chemicals under lock and key.

Toilet Locks.  These come in a variety of different types. 

Tub safety.  Bath time should always be supervised!  There are lots of fun items that can help improve the safety of the tub area.  Move all toiletries and soaps up high, so your little one can’t reach them. Spout covers (in fun animal shapes) can help prevent bumped heads.  Bath mats and non-slip surfaces are best for the tub.  If you can find one, look for a bath mat with a heat indicator.  It can tell you instantly if the water is too hot for your baby.  Adjust your water heater to 120 ° degrees to prevent scalding.  This should be hot enough for the rest of the family, but safe for baby.  Remove all electrical appliances from bathroom where child bathes.

No unsupervised entry into bathroom. Use safety locks on door at all times. Install toilet locks to prevent child from drowning and throwing objects in. Latch all cabinets. Move wastebasket under sink behind a latched cabinet door or use a covered receptacle. Turn water heater down to 120 degrees to prevent scalding. Always check water temperature on your inner wrist prior to putting baby into it. Never leave a child in bath unattended. Never leave filled tub unattended and drain tub immediately after use. Children can
wander in and drown. Use no-slip mat to prevent slipping and a spout cover to prevent scalding and cuts. Remove all electrical appliances from bathroom where child bathes.

The following is a list of items that should be purchased for child proofing purposes.






Bathroom Checklist

Spout cover- either inflatable or plastic



Non-slip tub mat with heat indicator


Toilet lock




Cabinet locks


Electrical covers- choose the installed swivel kind, not the plastic covers.


The following is a list of items that should be purchased for baby proofing purposes:

#1 Keep your toddler out of the bathroom

  • Depending on your door knob (French door style or traditional door knob) you should keep your child from getting into the bathroom.

Door Knob Lock 2-Pack
Secure Grip Door "Knob" Covers 3-Pack
French Door Style Lever Lock

#2 Keep your toddler out of cabinets & drawers

  • Personally I find the drawer and cabinet lock to be the easiest to deal with as a parent.

  • Don't keep poisonous chemicals in your cabinets. 

  • Keep your medicines and OTC drugs locked in your cabinets.  Don't leave them on the sink.

  • However, if you have to keep cleaning chemicals in your bathroom cabinets then you should Magnetic Tot-Lock and keep the key out of reach.

Drawer and Cabinet Lock 4-Pack

Tot-Lok Starter Set

Safe & Secure Cabinet "U" Lock with Alarm

#3 Keep the toilet seat locked with lid lock

  • I use the Lid Lock with the hand in the picture.  It just looked cooler than the other one and so far it has been great. 

  • The TP Saver is not a necessity.   Toddlers love to unroll the roll and this prevents them from doing so.  I don't have one but sometimes I wish I did as the roll doesn't look quite the same when you try and roll it up.

Toilet Lid Lock
Lid Lock
TP Saver 2-Pack

#4 Secure Bathroom windows and keep cords out of reach

  • This is basically a requirement for any window in reach of your toddler.

Window Wedge
Cord Wind Up

#5 Make sure all electrical outlets are covered & empty

  • The safe plate is great for frequently used outlets.  For outlets that you don't frequently use the electrical outlet caps are a cheaper option.

  • Don't leave any electrical appliances plugged-in.  Keep them unplugged and stored away in a cabinet or a drawer.

Electrical Outlet Caps 12-Pack
Safe & Secure Plug Cover with Alarm 2-Pack

#6 Automatic nightlights are good to have in the bathroom

  • If your toddler gets in the bathroom at least they will be able to see where they are going.

Light-the-Way Nightlight System

Dim 'n Bright Auto Sensor Night Light



#7 Bathtub Safety

  • Make sure the hot water heater is set to 120 degrees or cooler. 

  • Don't forget to test the water before your toddler gets in the bath tub.

  • Keep your toddler opposite side of the tub from the faucet or use the cool Hippo (my daughter loves this guy as the water comes out his mouth).

  • Make sure you have slip resistant floormat.

Hippo Tubbly Bubbly




#8 Watch what you put in the trash can  

  • We use a trash can that has a lid.  Even so, you still need to be careful with what you throw away. 

  • Dump expired medicines into the toilet as opposed to the trash can and put the caps back on before throwing them away. 

  • Don't throw razor blades or other dangerous objects into your trash can.

#9 To prevent falls: Don't use a floormat that slides on the bathroom floor.


#10  The most important bathroom safety tip:  Never take your eyes on your toddler when they are in the bathtub.  Stay within arms reach.  It is critical that you follow this tip.  Do not let the phone or someone at the door distract you.